Privacy Policy – Czech Publisher Exchange z.s.p.o.

This policy applies only to services provided by Czech Publisher Exchange. It does not apply to services, personal data and other information provided by a third party and disclosed on our website. The policy also provides information about our activities, e.g. collecting data, such as cookies, that we do for our clients across internet. The aim of the policy is to provide clear information on the data we are allowed to collect when providing our services, especially when placing ads on websites. Privacy is very important to us, for that reason we strictly follow the Czech laws on data protection and the EU directive GDPR (description of principles here). We have also committed to following the professional guidelines such as IAB Privacy Guidelines, and for collecting consents we use the iAB CMP (Consent Management Platform).

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The Data We Collect

At Czech Publisher Exchange, we fully respect your right to privacy and we do not collect personal data such as your name, e-mail address or phone number. All the collected data refer to an anonymous cookie which contains only a string of characters and numbers. This gives us the possibility to identify whether a user of the same computer is returning to the website. For a particular cookie, we do not store a full browsing history. Instead, the cookie ID is only assigned to certain categories that are relevant to segmentation. (E.g. information that a user was looking at a website about Croatia, but the cookie does not store a full address of the website.) For segmentation, we use the Adobe Audience Manager tool and we follow the privacy laws associated with this process.
We are not able to identify you as a specific person with the data we collect. Please note that when we use the terms “You” or “Yours” in this policy, we mean a device, not a specific person, as we are not able to identify any particular individual.

These non-personal information enable us to offer the most effective and relevant online advertising to our clients and advertisers, as well as more relevant content to users. E.g. if we think a user is interested in fashion, we can help our clients target the user with online clothing ads.

We may collect non-personal information when you browse a website or interact with an ad (if it was managed by us). The data we collect might include:

These non-personal data are collected via cookies, smart pixels and other similar technologies (for more information about cookies and opt-out of segmentation, see section Cookie). Sometimes we can match this data with
information about your age or gender, in case you provided such information while registering at a website from CPEx portfolio. We do not know the exact date of birth, but we do know that the cookie belongs to a user at the age range e.g. 30-35 years old.
CPEx does not have access to the names, phone numbers, emails, addresses or other registration information that a user has given directly to a specific website.


Cooperation With Third Parties

The non-personal information we collect may be disclosed to third parties, i.e. our clients who use them for ad targeting, or to business partners such as Adobe, whose tool Adobe Audience Manager we use to process the data. However, with this information we are not able to identify or contact a specific person in any way. Moreover, the above-mentioned Adobe Audience Manager does not create a comprehensive user profile, but merely creates segments to which it then assigns individual cookies (for a limited period of time).

Third parties that may have access to the data collected:

The data collected are stored at third-party servers in the EU as well as outside the EU (USA) and are kept for a maximum of 13 months since the last update.


Data Security

We follow the technical standards regarding data protection and security. Importance is placed especially on physical and electronic protection to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of data.

Changes Of Policies

Please note that we may change these policies due to regulatory changes and user/clients’ requirements. We will announce any such change on our website in advance. We encourage you to monitor these changes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.