In the present day, the whole programmatic ecosystem relies on third party cookies (3PC). Without them, targeting, capping and optimising of campaigns is not possible. On the other hand, 3PC are already scarce in the ecosystem – currently mainly in browsers like Safari and Firefox and soon also in Chrome. That creates a considerable portion of users that cannot be reached by programmatic campaigns.

One of the solutions of this challenge could be a type of identifiers, that we in CPEx call Next Generation IDs – in this case ID5, PubCommon ID and Criteo ID. In May and June 2021, we have combined forces with Adform and Magnite and tested these IDs on a real campaign for Sazka, managed by the Adexpres agency. The test results (see presentation below) showed that these IDs (ID5, PubCommon ID a Criteo ID) allowed the advertiser to reach users without 3PC and retain the standard campaign functionalities such as frequency capping and CPC optimisation.

In case you have any further questions, or would like to leverage these results in your own campaign, do not hesitate to reach out to us ().