CPEx to reach 70 % of the Czech online population

Prague, 5 September 2013 – A group of five leading Czech media houses are working together to create a joint advertising platform to benefit from the rise of programmatic trading and the Real-time Bidding (RTB) mechanic.  Reaching 70 per cent of the population, the Czech Publisher Exchange (CPEx) will offer online advertising inventory from Centrum Holdings, Mafra, Mladá fronta, Ringier Axel Springer, and Sanoma Media Praha.

“We expect RTB to gain great importance in the future. For its members, the new CPEx platform represents the perfect RTB tool for providing advertisers with new, attractive advertising space with superb reach ratio within high quality content services. The Czech Republic follows France and Denmark as the third European country in which large publishing houses have chosen to co-operate,” explains says Matěj Novák, Director of the Czech Publisher Exchange.

The launch of the CPEx will add a variety of premium media to the existing RTB market with inventory available from Blesk.cz, Centrum.cz, e15.cz, iDNES.cz, or Vlasta.cz among others. Participating web sites have combined reach more than 70% of the Czech online population. The CPEx is in principle open to all important online publishers of editorial content and other media are expected to join in the future.

The Czech Publisher Exchange will classify the advertising inventory according to three content categories and the advertisers using the open auction receive information on the respective categories, rather than the full URL of the websites. This setting allows for the use of the CPEx open auction as the perfect tool for performance campaigns, the predominant model used in RTB.

This platform also enables the individual publishers to offer private marketplaces – direct deals which use the RTB technology to deliver the campaign. The client can buy advertising on private marketplaces under prearranged conditions and unlike the open auction, private marketplaces offer advertisers access to inventory which is not available in the open auction, with other advantages including full URL transparency.

After more than a year of testing which included 5 SSPs / ad exchanges, the CPEx selected Rubicon Project as its technology partner as it has the most experience in such cooperation in the European area context and offered best mix of features and monetization.

Jay Stevens, General Manager of Rubicon Project adds, “This is a truly ground-breaking move which will make a huge amount of inventory in the Czech Republic available for access by advertisers and their agencies who want to trade programmatically.”


The Czech Publisher Exchange is an association of the leading Czech online publishers – Centrum Holdings, MaFra, Mladá Fronta, Ringier Axel Springer, and Sanoma Media Praha – providing advertisers with online advertising space using the RTB technology. Thanks to a combined monthly reach of over 70 % of Czech users it is the largest provider of premium advertising space within the Czech RTB ecosystem.


Purchasing advertising has been a very complicated manual process for more than 100 years. But now Rubicon Project is automating advertising like NASDAQ did for stock trading, Sabre systems did for travel, and Amazon is doing for retail.

Rubicon Project’s automated advertising platform is used by more than 500 of the world’s premium publishers, including 40 percent of the top 500, to transact with more than 100,000 advertisers across a massive marketplace.

Rubicon Project’s customers include: eBay, Time, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, Tribune Company, Virgin Media, People, Universal and legions of other Fortune 500 companies.

In terms of metrics, Rubicon Project powers over 180 billion ad trades per month; and more than 97 percent of U.S. Internet users, as well as 650 million global users, interact with the company’s system every month. According to comScore, Rubicon Project is ranked #1, meaning no other company in the world reaches more users.